Beads of Good began when sisters Elizabeth and Allison first became aware of the reality that some people are hungry and without basic needs.  Moved to take action, they came up with the idea to raise money for local and international charities by making and selling bracelets with the beads they received as a gift.

Beads of Good has taken various forms over the years.  Recently we have been given the opportunity to partner with an organization in Nigeria to rescue young women from becoming child brides or victims of trafficking in order to provide for their families.

A university student in Nigeria wrote us and asked for help.  She is plowing a path for girls in her community.  Her passion is to build the girls of Nigeria and challenge them to not be limited by their surroundings, but to create a new reality for themselves and for those that will come behind them.

This opportunity has challenged us to be an advocate for those without a voice and help provide an artisan vocation for young women in Nigeria. They will be handcrafting beautiful Ankara fabric beads that will become a source of income and allow them to attend high school.

Beads of Good jewelry will be available for purchase soon.

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